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Here you will find an overview of all available learning tools that require registration (to save data).
We wish you a lot of fun and good success!

Free of charge
Word Trainer English for dyslexia

Word Trainer English

The app speaks words to the children and checks whether they are spelled correctly. The more often a word is spelled correctly, the less often it appears in the app. You have full control over the individual list of English words and enjoy comprehensive evaluations. Also great for parents without pedagogical background!
Free of charge

User Manager

With the help of this application you manage individual users (e.g. pupils, students) who learn with the programs. This way the applications are individualized.
Free of charge
Wort-Trainer Deutsch bei Legasthenie / LRS

Word-Trainer Deutsch

Die App spricht den Kindern Wörter vor und prüft, ob diese richtig geschrieben werden. Je öfter ein Wort richtig geschrieben wird, desto seltener erscheint es in der App. Sie haben die volle Kontrolle über die individuelle Liste deutscher Wörter und genießen umfassende Auswertungen. Eignet sich auch hervorragend für Eltern ohne pädagogische Ausbildung!

We propose these tasks today

Start app Have got/has got (2)
Exercising for practising have got/has got.
have got, has got[137] Solutions Share 5. EN
Start app Like Doing Something (2)
Practise to talk about habits or what you like to do using "like doing something"
Everyday Life[334] Solutions Share 6. EN
Start app Comparison (Revision) (1)
Let's practise using comparisons in English!
Everyday Life[411] Solutions Share 7. EN
Start app Reported Speech - Commands (1)
Practise using commands in reported speech
Everyday life[298] Solutions Share 8. EN