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From own drive
Superkid - © LuckyImages - Increase Learning Motivation Good motivation is essential for learning success and therefore it is important to nudge the own drive of the kids in time.
High attention
Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash Increase Concentration while Learning In educational psychology, concentration is understood as a state that enables demanding cognitive performance.
More about the learning ability
Muscles anatomical
© adimas - Does Playing Sports make us Smarter? We all know the old saying, "In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind." But is that really true?
On our own behalf
embedded in the tree
Photo by Rutpratheep Nilpechr on Unsplash Embed Apps in own Website (white label) Interactive exercises on your page(s) drive traffic and increase dwell time. GDPR-compliant solution!
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Word Trainer English
Made with ♥ by experts. Word Trainer English The app speaks words to the children and checks whether they are spelled correctly. The more often a word is spelled correctly, the less often it appears in the app. You have full control over the individual list of English words and enjoy comprehensive evaluations.

We propose these tasks today

Start game Food words
Exercises for practising food words.
Vocabulary, Language in Use[176] Solutions Share 5. EN
Start app Like Doing Something (1)
Practise to talk about habits or what you like to do using "like doing something"
Everyday Life[333] Solutions Share 6. EN
Start app Could and Was/Were able to (2)
Let's practise using "could" and "were able to"!
Everyday Life[399] Solutions Share 7. EN
Start app Conjunctions (2)
Let's practise using conjunctions! Like: however, because of, so that etc.
Everyday life[291] Solutions Share 8. EN