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Embed Exercise Units into own Website (white label)

Interactive exercises on your site will drive more traffic and increase dwell time.

With two short code snippets, you can easily embed a desired Messenger-style exercise unit into your website in a GDPR-compliant way. In embedded elements, there's no Lerntrick logo and no navigation, so an online exercise fits seamlessly into the content area of your website.

How the free embedding works

  • Simply launch the app you want and click the < embed > link at the very bottom of the page.
  • A new window will open with instructions.
  • Copy the code, and paste the source code to the desired position on your web page. You will get a <script> so that a connection to our server is only established after the user clicks, as required by the GDPR.

Example embedding

Here is the unit "Mixed exercises on grammar and vocabulary." embedded.

Only after a click a connection to the Lerntrick application server is established.
But Lerntrick does not store cookies or IP addresses anyway.

All embedded elements are responsive, so they run great on mobile, tablet and desktop!

Sticker for your Website

With a sticker on your website you help to make the many free learning apps better known. All students will benefit from this!

To download, simply click on the desired graphic. Upload the sticker to your web space and insert it at the desired location.

Please do not forget the link to a LERNTRICK URL, where you link to on our web presence is up to you.

Lerntrick Sticker

Lerntrick Sticker

Do you need a quiz for your website?

This is very easy to do! Please contact us and we will inform you how we handle it.

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