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About us

We define ourselves as a provider of Open Educational Resources (OER) and would like to support the growing digitization in the school and education sector with our know-how.

History of Origins

From a project during the first Corona lockdowns something bigger has emerged, the platform LERNTRICK (transl. “Learning Trick“).

It was during the years 2020 and 2021: Observations in one's own family and among friends showed how bumpy the transition from face-to-face teaching to distance learning was. This circumstance prompted IT professional Martin Falkner to develop interactive exercises for compulsory school children. Children in private circles were enthusiastic about the exercises from the very beginning and wanted more and more of them! The fun-focused learning seemed to be significantly more pleasure than uploading completed worksheets to the schools' learning platforms.

Surprised by the success, the decision was made to make something bigger out of it. Now it was time to put together a team of experts for the content. Fortunately, a few dedicated students from colleges of education were found to develop and add exercises. Based on the feedback from the content creators, Martin Falkner continued to refine the technology, and we are now quite satisfied with the interim result and also a bit proud!

The exercises were optimized by professionals:

Manuela Molk, MSc
(German and English)
Martina Kronberger, MSc
Nedua Hussain, BA

The important hint of an elementary school teacher friend that pencil and paper play a central role finally led to the development of a worksheet print function. If your child's screen time is too high, most of the exercises are also available as worksheets for printing. This feature also accommodates the important "haptic" learning with pen and paper (especially in elementary school).

Now LERNTRICK is online for the whole public and we are looking forward to plenty of feedback for the continuous development.

We hope everyone enjoys learning!

Ing. Falkner Martin Falkner, Initiator
Mail: info[ät]