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Lerntrick (transl. “Learning Trick“)

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Interactive Exercises with Solutions

Practicing online and interactively with immediate feedback is much more fun! In this way, learning content is conveyed in a fun way, practiced and also tested as a quiz. This ensures that the material is firmly anchored in the memory. All those who get stuck on a task can also cheat via the solution link, but not too often please! We are starting with exercises for the main subjects of grades one to eight, further expansion stages are in preparation.

Free of charge
Word Trainer English for dyslexia
Made with ♥ by experts. Word Trainer English The app speaks words to the children and checks whether they are spelled correctly. The more often a word is spelled correctly, the less often it appears in the app. You have full control over the individual list of English words and enjoy comprehensive evaluations.
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Photo by Rutpratheep Nilpechr on Unsplash Embed Apps in own Website (white label) Interactive exercises on your page(s) drive traffic and increase dwell time. GDPR-compliant solution!
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Superkid - © LuckyImages - stock.adobe.com How to Motivate your Child to Learn Good motivation is essential for learning success and therefore it is important to nudge the own drive of the kids in time.

PDF Worksheets for Printing

Some kids spend too much time in front of a screen, whether it's a cell phone, tablet, or desktop. For this group, the vast majority of exercises are also available as attractively designed PDF files for downloading and printing. This feature also accommodates the important haptic experiences with pen and paper of the younger target group. Just wiping, clicking, and typing is clearly not enough; handwriting also needs to be practiced!

We hope you enjoy LERNTRICK!

  • many interactive tasks in the browser or as PDF downloads
  • completely free of charge
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As the platform is run on a voluntary basis, we welcome constructive suggestions for improvement! And if you like LERNTRICK, please help us to spread the word. We thank you for every link, every posting, every recommendation, etc... with a big !

About this Platform

It all started in the first Corona lockdown and the very bumpy introduction of distance learning. In the meantime, the platform has developed a lot and is also growing constantly! More about us…


Lerntrick is continuously being expanded with new exercises and games. In addition, the platform is not only optimized in a data-driven way, user feedback also plays a major role, of course. We want to make learning a bit more modern, varied and joyful and wish all children, parents and teachers a lot of fun and success!

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