App [203]
Solutions for App 203

Peter's daily routine

Reading a short text and answering questions.
Read the text, then try to answer the questions.

Peter's daily routine

This is Peter. He is eleven years old and lives in London. He has got two sisters and one brother.
On weekdays Peter always gets up at 6.30 am. Then he has breakfast. For breakfast he likes to drink tea and he eats toast with jam.
After breakfast he has a shower. Then he brushes his teeth and gets dressed.
School starts at nine. He has lessons all morning and at twelve he has got lunch in the school cantine.
When school is over, Peter walks back home.
First he does his homework, then he sometimes plays with his friends or watches TV.
He doesn't like playing computer games but he likes playing football or tennis.
Dinner is at seven o' clock. After dinner he sometimes talks to his brother or sisters or helps his father in the kitchen.
Peter usually goes to bed at nine o'clock.
How old is Peter? He is ______ years old.

Where is Peter from? He is from ______.

What does Peter like to have for breakfast? He likes to have __________.

What does he do after breakfast? After breakfast Peter has ______.

a shower
Where does Peter have lunch? He has lunch ______.

in the school cantine
Peter likes playing ______.

What does Peter do after dinner? He ______.

helps his father
When does Peter usually go to bed? At ______.

nine o'clock